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Repairers of the Breach provides clothing, toiletries, housewares, furniture, and appliances to people in need. Anyone may come in and receive up to three outfits and a bag of hygiene items.


People in need of housewares, furniture, or appliances typically need to be referred by a local social services agency like DFCS, the Red Cross, a housing assistance agency, or the local free clinic or mental health clinic.


There are almost 2,000 people in the City of Covington who do not have enough food.


Since 2012, Repairers of the Breach has partnered with several local churches to provide 20 hot meals to the homeless and the food insecure every Monday-Friday.

We also have a small food pantry that provides shelf-stable items, bread and other baked goods to over 50 people each week.


When you are unhoused, or living in a house that does not have running water, keeping clean is a significant challenge. There is fear of infection, shame, and judgement from people about your appearance or body odor. 


In 2014, Repairers had two shower stalls and a toilet installed to give our neighbors the dignity of a clean body. 

On any given day, we serve up to 10 people who do not have access to a shower or bathtub. They are able to shower, get a fresh outfit, and get a blessing bag with snacks and toiletries. 


We do not currently have funding for this ministry. When funding is available, Repairers of the Breach provides past-due rent and utility assistance as well as motel stays to homeless families with children or to the general homeless population during freezing temperatures. 


Every child deserves the magic of Christmas. Each year Repairers of the Breach celebrates the birth of Christ by providing toys, clothing and food to over 300 local children. 

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